John Rooney

John Rooney

Prof John Rooney, BA, JD, MPA

Prof Rooney teaches International Business Transaction and Intentional Commercial Arbitration at the University of Miami. His arbitration programme there includes a survey of the law and regulation of international commercial arbitration as seen from the perspective of the United States courts. Prof Rooney is also a sole practitioner, after having been a partner at Shutts and Bowen LLP, Miami.

Prof Rooney has spent more than twenty years advising clients on international business. He has vast experience in transactions, litigation and arbitration and is an International Neutral Arbitrator, certified by the American Arbitration Association. Prof Rooney is also a former vice president and general counsel of two insurance corporations, and served as Managing Partner of the Miami Office of Fowler, Rodriguez, Kingsmill, Flint & Gray, LLP.

The early legal experience of Prof Rooney included a clerkship with Associate Justice Watson and Associate Justice Stone of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana, and his practice now focuses on reinsurance issues, which primarily involves contracts, international disputes and arbitration and the qualification of foreign reinsurers.