Dispute Resolution Services


JAIAC Arbitration Arbitration under the auspices of Jamaica International Arbitration Centre Limited (JAIAC) begins with the agreement of two (2) or more parties for the reference to an arbitration proceeding under the JAIAC Arbitration Rules. The JAIAC Arbitration Rules offers...
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The JAIAC Mediation Rules are a set of procedural rules covering all aspects of the mediation process in relation to domestic as well as international disputes. The aim of the JAIAC is then to promote mediation as a viable commercial...
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Neutral Evaluation

Neutral Evaluation is a confidential and without prejudice advisory process, where a neutral person is engaged the parties to assist their resolution of a dispute. The neutral is chosen on the basis of their knowledge of the subject matter, and...
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Adjudication involves a process where a neutral third party hears a dispute and renders a decision, which is binding on the parties unless revised in an arbitration or at trial. The Adjudicator is usually a subject-matter expert chosen by the...
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